A Place at the Table

Cover of A Place at the Table

The first in a series of alternate timeline America in which society is divided into ten clearly defined and maintained classes.

eBook and paperback


City Limits

Cover for City Limits

Gee Evars wandered into town just in time to dive in a raging river to save a toddler's life. And to lose his memory.

eBook and paperback


Wild Woods

Cover of Wild Woods

Now a local hero, Gee Evars must unravel the mystery of the wild woods and the missing children trafficked there.

eBook and paperback


The Gutenberg Rubric

Cover for The Gutenberg Rubric

Two rare-book librarians race time, biblio-terrorists, and homeland security to recover and preserve a legendary other book printed by Johannes Gutenberg.

eBook and paperback


For Money or Mayhem

Cover of For Money or Mayhem

The first in the sequence of Seattle Noir. Computer forensics detective Dag Hamar is chasing down a child predator while setting traps for a corporate embezzler.

eBook and paperback


For Mayhem or Madness

Cover of For Mayhem or Madness

Second Seattle Noir mystery. Computer forensics detective Dag Hamar circles the globe to track down a hacker who can erase identities. Including Dag's.

eBook and paperback


For Blood or Money

Cover of For Blood or Money

Third Seattle Noir mystery. Computer forensics detectives Dag Hamar and Deb Riley find hidden code and secret passwords can be as dangerous as dark alley's and flying bullets.

eBook and paperback


Municipal Blondes

Cover for Municipal Blondes

Fourth Seattle Noir mystery. Computer forensics detective Deb Riley goes into deep cover to unmask and apprehend the mastermind who seduced Seattle execs into a billion-dollar scam.

eBook and paperback


Stocks & Blondes

Cover of Stocks and Blondes

Fifth Seattle Noir mystery. Computer forensics detective Deb Riley uncovers a dead woman's secret life as a porn star, and the people who killed her.

eBook and paperback


The Volunteer

Cover of The Volunteer

Enter the head of a chronically homeless man as he wanders from handout to handout and remembers what brought him to this state.

eBook and paperback


Steven George & The Dragon

Cover for Steven George and the Dragon

Young adult fantasy built around “Once upon a time.” On the day Steven is sent out to slay the fearsome beast he realizes he doesn't know what a dragon looks like, where it lives, or how to kill it.

eBook and paperback


Willow Mills

Cover of Willow Mills

Life in a small town in Indiana in 1999, told through the news stories and descriptions of the town, revealing its secrets and the glue that holds the town together.

Available for online reading only

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